InTuition Languages

Founded in 1992, InTuition Languages is the global leader in home tuition language immersion courses: full immersion, 1:1 programmes where a student lives and studies in the home of a private tutor.

From our base in Darlington, we arrange English immersions in the UK, Ireland, Malta, US, Canada, Australia and South Africa; French in France, Belgium and Canada; Spanish in Spain; Portuguese in Portugal and Brazil; German in Germany; Italian in Italy; Swedish in Sweden and Dutch in the Netherlands. In 2024 we will also be offering Arabic in Egypt.

InTuition Languages programmes are available both for adults and Young Learners who want to maximise their learning progress in the shortest possible time. Courses start every week of the year, and can be any duration, from three days to six months. They can be combined with online lessons with the same tutor, either before or after the face-to-face programme. Each course is entirely personalised to the student’s particular academic requirements, objectives and preferences.

Courses include: General English – English for International Communication and Study with a flexible range of afternoon pathways, Examination Courses – First, Advanced and IELTS, The 25+ Course: English for Everyday Life and the Workplace - an intensive, practical, needs-driven course for professionals, Summer Course for Teenagers - language, culture and fun for 13-16 year olds, 50+ Language Holiday – language, culture and fun for people aged 50+ on set dates between April and October.

Alongside 1:1 tuition, students also enjoy a full programme of cultural and social excursions with their tutor and their tutor’s family: immediately putting their new language skills into practise in the real world, building confidence, fluency and comprehension skills at a rapid rate.