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The North of England, the perfect study location!

The North of England is one of the most varied regions in the UK. There is a wild and natural coastline with some areas developed as popular tourist resorts. The countryside is beautiful and the region contains many of Britain's National Parks including the famous Lake District.

Most English UK North members are in the region's towns and cities but a few have a coastal or countryside location. There are small historic towns and cities and large, dynamic metropolitan centres that are enjoying a new prosperity.

Studying in the North of England is an excellent base for visits to Scotland, Ireland and Wales as well as to London and the south. There are also many cheap flights from local airports to Europe.

The cultural life in the North is rich and very varied. There is top-class entertainment of all types. Art, inspiring architecture, cutting edge fashion and design are well-represented in the region. The North of England is also the home of many famous sports teams.

There are many excellent tourist attractions and students of all ages will always find something special to do and to see in the region. Everyday life is exciting with superb shopping, traditional pubs and trendy clubs, coffee bars, wine bars and international restaurants of all types.

People from the North of England are very friendly. A warm and genuine welcome awaits students who come to our region.