People quickly fall in love with Chester and find it a fascinating and delightful place to study. It is a university city that welcomes and charms millions of tourists every year. It is also a safe, welcoming and friendly place. Students often comment on how the local people are kind and easy to talk to. Here you can enjoy immersion in English language and culture with many opportunities to meet and chat to English people.

The past and the present, young and old, traditional and trendy are all combined in a unique way in Chester. It is a medium-sized city and this is attractive for many students. Big cities are often impersonal and difficult to get to know. Very small places can be too quiet. Chester is never dull. It is large enough to offer varied and exciting experiences, yet small enough to get to know really well.

Just a few minutes' walk from the school you will find fashionable cafes and boutique shops in historic mediaeval buildings. From the ancient walls you can see our old horse racing track, dating from 1539 and our modern sports centre. This is a city where the most complete Roman amphitheatre in Britain is opposite one of the coolest night clubs in the region. Chester is just as famous for its shopping as its architecture. There is a lot to see and do. Students love to walk along the banks of the River Dee or watch a play in the elegant Grosvenor Park. Our Cathedral is incredible and a walk around the country’s most complete city Walls is unmissable.

Chester is a tourist city and visitors mix with the local people. There are a lot of British visitors, many coming from the bigger cities in our region. Where there are tourists there are a lot of places for them to visit and relax. The restaurants are excellent and there are plenty of cafes to enjoy afternoon tea and pubs to have a pint in. The cultural life of the city is good with many opportunities for a night out. Chester's shops have something for everyone, with an excellent range of high-quality shopping opportunities.

Not only is Chester a great city, but there is a lot to explore in the surrounding area. Chester is the gateway to the coast and mountains of North Wales. The big cities of North West England (Liverpool and Manchester) are just 45 minutes away by train or car. There are also many major tourist attractions within easy travelling distance of Chester and London is just two hours away by train.

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