Scarborough has everything that is expected of an established British seaside resort which is rich in history, culture and charm. It has something to offer for everyone. It is a medium-sized town with a population of around 100,000. Unlike some larger cities, it is possible to walk to most destinations. Our students do not have the inconvenience and additional cost of having to use public transport. Anglolang is a ten minute walk from the beach and the town centre.

The town has two magnificent bays dominated by a medieval castle. The area around Scarborough is well-known for its beautiful scenery: along the coast; on the nearby moors; and also in some large areas of forest. It is ideal for walking or just enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the countryside. In addition, there are many small and attractive towns and villages nearby where you can find historic buildings and glorious views or you can simply enjoy a meal and a drink in a traditional British pub.

In Scarborough itself, apart from the castle, there are several museums, including the Rotunda, which celebrates the work of William Smith, recognized as the ‘father’ of modern geology. There is also a delightful Art gallery, which hosts a variety of exhibitions and activities.

For those who enjoy the theatre, Scarborough offers the world-famous Stephen Joseph Theatre. This is a 400 seat theatre ‘in the round’, which keeps all of the action close to the audience. The acclaimed playwright, Sir Alan Aykbourn, produces all of his plays at the Stephen Joseph Theatre before they transfer to London.

There is a thriving local music scene with bands playing at many of the pubs and clubs throughout the week, whether your taste is for jazz, folk Indie rock, or even karaoke! And if you feel hungry there are restaurants and cafes catering for most tastes, from Mexican and Thai to Indian and Italian, not to mention the traditional fish and chips.

If you enjoy sports, you can surf, canoe or windsurf in either of the bays, or you can keep your feet dry and go walking or camping. You could try off-road driving or even join a llama trek. But if you prefer watching to taking part, you can follow the fortunes of Scarborough football and rugby clubs or, in the summer, become an expert on the very English game of cricket and watch Yorkshire when they play in the Scarborough Cricket Festival.

For those who want to experience more of Yorkshire, Scarborough is less than an hour by train from the wonderful city of York and two hours from the big city delights of Leeds, where you can find many of the same shops that are found in London.

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