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We offer a wide range of English Language courses, designed for different age groups and for students with different needs. Click on a course type to show available courses.

Other Courses

Adult Vacation Courses

Shorter General English courses suitable for adult students during their holidays.

Courses for Teachers of English

These courses often include language development at an appropriate language level, with a teacher training methodology element.

English for Specific Purposes

These courses normally look at the specific language of professional/academic areas, for example Legal English.

English Plus

A combination of English language courses, and for example Art & Design, Computing, Sports.

Foundation Courses

These courses are for students who need an additional year of education (English language and academic study) before attending a British university.

Junior Vacation

A holiday course for young learners with tuition and an excursion/activity programme.

One-to-One Courses

Specific tailor-made courses for individual students.

Other Courses

Other English language courses.

Work Experience

Usually a short English language course followed by a short or long work placement.